September 15, 2009

Sandra Atkins | Focus Wealth Management

atkinsArriving in Middleburg as a young woman of 27, Atkins started her own CPA practice, which grew to include two partners, 21 staff members, and two offices. When her husband died suddenly of a heart attack, Atkins rethought her career and formed Focus Wealth Management out of her desire to help other women through life's transitions. Since 2001, when she sold her interest in the CPA firm, Atkins has devoted herself to counseling women facing the emotional and financial decisions resulting from divorce, or loss of a spouse, to counseling single women and couples who want to plan for a successful retirement or create a sound estate plan.

Active in the community, Atkins is a board member of the Piedmont Community Foundation, a donor/advisor to the Cherry Blossom Breast Cancer Fund, and a past board member and treasurer of Wakefield School.

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