Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2.21.12 Linda Blum Huntington | Music Executive

Linda_Blum_Huntington_PhotoAs a young music executive, Linda held Executive Vice President positions with the largest music publishing companies in the world and worked closely with several international superstars including Tina Turner, Michael Jackson, and Cheap Trick.

In 1989, Linda and music business partner, Marla McNally, launched the first of two multi-million dollar publishing ventures: Emerald Forest Entertainment and Children of the Forest Entertainment. As co-owners, they developed unsigned recording artists and Emerald Forest earned the reputation for discovering talent and packaging artists to ultimately realize multi-platinum success. The companies retain co-publishing ownership of all catalogues and music of artists they developed including artist/writers Macy Gray, Marilyn Manson, and Sophie B. Hawkins.

Additionally, Linda has executive produced several recording artists including twenty time Grammy winners Alison Krauss and John Waite. Their single “Missing You” received a nomination for country duet of the year. In the children’s music arena, Linda is co-founder of Ever Wonder Records.

Critically acclaimed by USA TODAY, “SWAMP STOMP BOOGIE, SCIENCE YOU CAN SING TO” is the first release from the multi-platformed project that introduces science-based content for preschoolers through music, mobile applications, interstitials, video games, and television. The Swamp Stomp Boogie tour with Ryan Buckle and friends boasts an ongoing alliance with the Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C. and a weekly morning residency with Jamming Java, Vienna, VA. Ryan Buckle has just been enlisted by the US Navy and will be heading to Asia in April to begin performing globally for our troops and their families.

Linda is also a published author with the release of ‘The Lifeboard, Follow Your Vision, Realize Your Dreams’. The Lifeboard, a visual goal setting system, reached the number one position on Amazon’s movers and shakers when released in early 2011. Linda also has a multi-million dollar health and wellness international network marketing business with Arbonne International.

Most importantly, Linda is the mother of a 20 year old son, two dogs, Murray and Bella, and married 23 years to Geoff!

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