5.22.12 Ritzya | The Drama Coach

Ritzya_PhotoDestined to be "unforgettable", at the age of 3 ritzya started triple-threat training in dance, voice and acting. When she was 7, it was her chance to shine at an audition for the Ted Mack Amateur Hour, the American Idol of the day. By 1970, she had been studying dance and music at Juilliard for 5 years and sung at Carnegie Hall twice. A full scholarship, experimental theatre company in NYC gave her cutting edge improv and theatre training and took her to the streets of Harlem and Bedford Styvesant in NYC and Watts Towers, L.A., – a cross between "Whose Line is it Anyway?" and the flash mobs of today. After graduating high school in 2 years, she went off to UNC Greensboro and graduated, cum laude, in 3 years. During her last year, she was nominated for a Fullbright, auditioning at the U.N., one of 25 finalists. She started grad school, but got her first professional acting gig. So she packed up her car and moved back to NYC where she worked as a professional actress.

In 1976 ritzya moved to Washington D.C. While trying to break into the theatre scene, she became the secretary to the CEO of the American Indian National Bank. Several jobs later ritzya discovered outside sales. It didn't take long to see that acting comes in very handy. In 1981, ritzya said YES to God. Years later, while on a sales call, a prospective customer asked if she was interested in performing on the Mount of Olives in Israel. ritzya said YES. 3 months later she quit her successful job, sub-let her townhouse and was on a plane to Israel.

ritzya continued to SAY YES. She said YES and got married. YES to homeschooling her 3 children. YES to teaching and performing worship dance at conferences up and down the east coast. YES to singing in the worship band and directing the children's ministry at church. YES to starting a gourmet cookie business. YES to running a food bank from her home. She even said YES to donating a kidney to her brother. For the last 9 years, the drama coach has been helping others SAY YES to being more colorful and "unforgettable". ritzya still says YES, singing all over the D.C. area with pianists, bands and even a concert harpist performing a rendition of the Star Spangled Banner as you've never heard it before. ritzya is a frequent presenter at the Loudoun Chamber of Commerce, Loudoun Small Business Development Center, and a favorite at the teen centers for the Loudoun Public Library, in addition to private and group coaching for authors, CEO's, entrepreneurs, lawyers, sales professionals, politicians and youth, helping them be "unforgettable" and raising their "unforgettability factor". She's also writing a book called "The E.L.F. Diet" - the smallest and last diet book you'll ever need. And a few days ago, ritzya said YES to be the guest speaker at the Middleburg Women Luncheon.

ritzya will be sharing some "unforgettable" stories because she chose to SAY YES and why U should SAY YES too. When you leave this luncheon, you will realize, not how unforgettable she is, but rather how unforgettable U are. Won't you join us? Please SAY YES.


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